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X-Men First Class Movie Reviews

X-Men First Class the Early history of X-Men teams will be launched tomorrow on 3rd june 2011. This movies will focus on Charles Xavier and Eric Lensher before they were Professor X and Magneto. It was told that on the 60's they were a good friends. It seems that this X-Men First Class was awaited by many X-Men movie fans. Will it be better than X-Men origin Wolverine?

So anyway how about the cast of this movies? OK here's the cast of X-Men First Class Movies

James McAvoy … Professor Charles Xavier
Michael Fassbender … Erik Lensherr / Magneto
Nicholas Hoult … Hank McCoy / Beast
Caleb Landry Jones … Sean Cassidy / Banshee
Lucas Till … Alex Summers / Havok
Kevin Bacon … Sebastian Shaw
Jennifer Lawrence … Raven Darkholme / Mystique
Edi Gathegi … Armando Munoz / Darwin
Rose Byrne … Moira MacTaggert
Oliver Platt … The Man in Black
January Jones … Emma Frost / White Queen
Zoe Kravitz … Angel Salvadore
Jason Flemyng … Azazel
Bill Milner … Young Erik Lensherr
Morgan Lily … Young Raven Darkholme
Ray Wise … Secretary of State

This Characters will appear on the movie : Professor X, Magneto, Sebastian Shaw (leader of Hellfire Club), Emma Frost, Moira MacTaggert, Beast, Mystique, Angel, Banshee, Havok, Darwin, Azazel. What? So where was Wolverine? Cyclops and Storms? Well these mutants doesn't include on the First Class of X-men. OK at least there was Banshee / Sean Cassidy on this series.

Here's the X-Men First Class Reviews

Don't miss the premiere of X-men First class on the US theater tomorrow.
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