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Teresa Scanlan Miss USA 2011 Biography

Teresa Scanlan Miss USA 2011 Biography - Miss USA pageant in las Vegas Nevada USA on 15 january 2011 goes to Teresa Scanlan a 17 years old girls from Nebraska. teresa scanlan also made the records as the youngest winner of Miss USA pageant. so who is teresa scanlan? here's a little biography of Teresa Scanlan.

Teresa Scanlan was become the youngest winner of Miss USA. At 17, Scanlan is the youngest winner ever in the pageant’s history. Teresa, who completed high school at just 16, begins her reign with a $50,000 college scholarship and opportunity to advance her pageant platform of battling eating disorders.

Scanlan faced a toughies: A question about the recent Julian Assange/Wikileaks Controversy: “Our security as a country must come first,” Teresa replied with authority, before adding that she understood that questions of “personal liberties were involved.”

Here's Teresa Scanlan, Miss Nebraska is crowned Miss America 2011 during the Miss America pageant, Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011 in Las Vegas
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